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Dale Pyles, owner of Reliable Tire Company LLC

Dale Pyles

Long before Dale established Reliable Tire Company LLC in 2003, he spent his youth learning about the tire business from his dad. Dale learned about wheel bearings, retread depths, and valve replacements; but he also learned the value of reliable customer service, an honest day's work, and staying true to your word.  Reliable Tire is Dale's answer to the need for a local business that will provide personal customer service at reasonable prices without the overhead costs and delays that come with larger companies. Dale focuses on providing dependable service and quality commercial-size truck tires to his customers, as well as the expertise of his many years in the tire industry. This wisdom means Dale can help you make the right tire decisions for the cost and safety concerns specific to your business.

Anita Pyles, Office Manager for Reliable Tire

Anita Pyles

While Anita was happily working as an Administrative Assistant at West Virginia University, it become clear that her office and communication skills were needed at Reliable Tire Company LLC. Now, while Dale manages tire deliveries and road services, Anita busily handles phone calls, invoices, and all manner of office work. Reliable Tire Company would be lost without her organizational skills; and together, she and Dale make a great team!

What People Are Saying About Reliable Tire Company LLC

From Jim (Motor Home by Cracker Barrel) in 2017

"This is Jim. I was the motor home with the left front tire wear problem behind the Cracker Barrel. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

I made it to our destination and got things checked out. I followed your recommendation and had the front tires balanced and put on the rear. In fact the repair shop pulled all the tires, balanced them and rotated them.

I think that we are in pretty good shape. We will be leaving next week on our trip home. About 2400 miles.

Thanks again for your help."


From Robert L. in 2015


"If you want reliable, efficient service, you need to contact Reliable Tire. Dale always gets me the tires I need quickly and at the best price he can offer. I highly recommend Reliable Tire!"

-Robert L.

From Chuck R. in 2009

"You The Man!"

From Hallie in 2018

Thank you very much for picking my flute up! It means a lot! My music teacher was asking me where my flute is 24/7. Thanks to you I got my flute back sooner which means I can start practicing my church songs. Plus, I was barely hanging in when we had band without it! There are two other girls in my class that play flute. I have to get caught up with them also. Thanks a lot!!! :)

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